The Campaign

The dedicated Save Swanscombe campaign team work tirelessly to protect the Swanscombe Peninsula. The campaign team is also active in the local community, running local litterpicks, community events and involving local artists, who take inspiration from the Peninsula including:
Stephen Oliver paintings
Marie Therese William's Poetry
Photographers Julie Preston
Richard Avauche


Here are some of the key moments of the campaign so far.

SSSI Status Confirmed!

10 November 2021

The campaign team is delighted to announce that the board of Natural England have confirmed Swanscombe Peninsula's Site of Special Scientific Interest status!

Mark Warnett who represented the SSP group at the meeting, alongside national charities was over the moon with the outcome;

"This SSSI decision is seismic. Natural England’s officers and board must be commended. They also reiterated a significant point; that almost all the SSSI is in FAVOURABLE condition, contrary to LR’s negative and inaccurate PR. This ‘favourable status’ is relevant and significant for the DCO decision. It’s not all over. But we can start to think about the future for this fantastic site beyond just protecting it. A positive vision for enhancing the extraordinary biodiversity and connecting with other sites."


Taking the campaign to COP26

6 November 2021

On Saturday 6th November, the campaign team took the Save Swanscombe Peninsula banner to London to join in the COP26 march. Cllr Laura Edie said, "We had an incredible day going up to London, meeting like minded people and proudly displaying our SSP banner at the CoP26 rally. We wanted to send a message to world leaders that they must take the climate emergency seriously and make the changes necessary in order to protect the planet. This includes saving Swanscombe Peninsula - one of the most crucial sites for wildlife in Britain - from development."


Play in a Day

28 October 2021

The Swanscombe Peninsula campaign team, along with local charity Walk Tall, organised a day of creative writing, leading to the creation of a play in just one day to increase awareness of the campaign and engage young people who enjoy the area so much. 

It started with some fun warm up games before children made their own fab wildlife masks and then wrote poems. The poems were used to create a mini performance in just a few hours!

Local resident & campaigner Karen Lynch said "It was so moving hearing the children speak about what the Swanscombe Peninsula meant to them and why it is vital we continue coming together as a community to safeguard it for their future!"

After the play was performed to parents, Town Mayor Lesley Howes handed out a certificate to all of the children.


Swanscombe Peninsula Rally

2 October 2021

Over 100 people attended a rally on the Peninsula to appreciate and learn more about the flora and fauna that use the beautiful and diverse land there.

The Save Swanscombe Peninsula campaign team were joined by fellow supporters including Buglife - The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, Kent Wildlife Trust, RSPB England and CPRE Kent

The group enjoyed a guided walk around the peninsula which was well covered by local and national media. 

Wildlife campaigner Donna Zimmer said, "During the current climate & wildlife crisis, a protected site like Swanscombe Peninsula should be celebrated for its unique habitats and rare wildlife species. It is madness that we are now having to fight to save this irreplaceable natural asset from a huge theme park that will also displace thousands of existing jobs and create yet more traffic chaos and air pollution in Kent and Essex."